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Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the Deer collection

Cheers to the Deer!

I want this collection!

Let me first show you the pictures  🙂

Winter Charm - the Deer
Winter Charm – the Deer
the seamless patterns in this collection
Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the patterns
Scenes and templates
Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the scenes and templates
Winter Charm Vol.1 - the wreaths and elements
Winter Charm Vol.1 – the wreaths and elements

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 pre-made scenes with the Deer – transparent background PNG
  • 6 Deer illustrations
  • 5 Squirrel illustrations
  • 3 big wreaths
  • 1 pretzel laurel
  • 5 blue chalk snow flakes
  • 6 houses
  • 3 snowy trees
  • 3 snowy bushes
  • 3 pine trees
  • 8 branches
  • 1 cup of coco
  • 1 pretzel
  • 1 ginger cookie star
  • 1 pie
  • 1 snow field
  • 2 pre-made cards 5×7 inches with 1/4” bleed
  • 8 seamless patterns – JPG files + master tiles + PAT file

I want this collection!

We’re working on some paper crafting projects with this guy, so stay tuned for a new freebie and a tutorial.


Winter Holiday Penguin Party!

Oh, the season! And the parties! And the cuddliest penguins! Winter Holiday Penguin Party!

Wanna throw a party for the winter holidays? We got you covered, including the ice and the fish!

Introducing today our latest newest and freshest watercolor clipart collection – Penguin Party!


Watercolor clipart - Penguin Party

Join the party! Take the penguins home!

They bring their own presents (what a guests!), have a fab patterns to throw around and have the coctail ice ready, so you don”t have to worry at all!

Check them out

winter holidays clipart - Penguin Party

and the patterns…

winter holidays clipart - Penguin Party

Ok, so now you’d like to know what’s inside, I guess. Here you go:

  • – 65 High resolution 300 dpi transparent background png elements
  •     – 4 single penguins and 1 illustration with 3 penguins
  •     – 3 scenes with penguins
  •     – 6 present boxes
  •     – 9 snowflakes
  •     – 10 ice cubes
  •     – 14 icy branches and leaves
  •     – 1 silver bead
  •     – 9 fishes
  •     – 6 flags
  •     – 1 bunting with flags
  •     – 1 bunting with hanging fishes
  • – 4 card templates – layered PSD and JPG files – 5.25×7.25” (0.25 bleed for trimming), 300 dpi
  • – 4 wreaths
  • – 1 laurel
  • – 14 digital papers 12×12” / 3600px x 3600px – jpg files
  • – 14 master tiles to make seamless patterns –  jpg files
  • – PAT file for Photoshop – includes all seamless patterns

Join the party! Celebrate the season!

Fonts and fonts bundles

Ah, Fonts  and fonts bundles are sweet ! I don’t know a designer that will say “I have enough fonts”.

We buy and use lots of fonts in our work.

It’s crucial to use quality fonts, just like in cooking you would want to use good quality ingredients.

With more than 1000 fonts bought in the last 2 years we’d love to share with you our favorites – great quality with great artistry. Many of them are purchase directly from the designers from their shops on Creative Market.

What I got to love recently is that just like us illustrators, the font makers are occasionally releasing font bundles with selected fonts from their shop. Love being able to buy all from the same designer, even if I already have few fonts from them.

My last purchase was this

MakeMediaCo. all fonts bundle

It’s an awesome selection of great quality handmade fonts and I’m so happy I bought it! Thank you MakeMediaCo. !


We have a Pinterest board with various fonts we’re liking for one reason or another and a board with graphic design tutorials. Check them out for interesting tips on font pairing and basic rules of design – great for newbies!

I don’t know about you, but I get inspired by a beautiful typeface, that is both well drawn and well executed.

We have made few fonts for our own needs like this one here  and 3 more monogram fonts that will be in the shop soon (waiting for the frames yet…) and I know how much hard work  it takes to make a working font that is well drawn and working good. So please, take a second and appreciate the font designers/makers work!



Autumn clipart freebies and card template

We want to give you a freebie, so even if you don’t need the full autumn clipart collection right now, you can enjoy trying it out.

Add your text to the card or print and write by hand. Design your own cards or stationery using this sample or even better, get the full collection. Storm a full blown design collection of your own cards line or nursery prints, clothing or whatever your witty designers mind can come up with. Oh, and remember the Autumn Charm clipart collection is now offered with an intro price by the end of August. Hurry up and snap it in time for the season 🙂

Take and try now!

freebie sample autumn clipart
freebie sample autumn clipart

Autumn Charm clipart collection launch

We made it!
It took around a month and on average 10 hours a day, but oh, did we love it!
I think this was by far the most fun clipart collection, but hey, I say this every time 🙂

My background in picture book illustration was helpful with the characters development. I found out I miss illustrating for kids, so it might not be our only collection in this area.

My other half had hilarious time animating the hedgehog for the painting process video.

I’ll be showing you more details soon.

Have a great week!  (mine started awesome!)

Take me there! I have to have this now!

Newsletter and new shop


We believe it is really important to be able to communicate directly, to ask you what you think about certain product we work on or what would you love to get in our next set; share with you discounts and free graphic resources (like clipart and textures) and let you know the minute there is new or upcoming collection.  In short we want to talk with you – our customers and followers.
For this we have now added a subscription form for our monthly newsletter. Well, newsletter sounds a bit pompous for what we plan, but you’ll see.

Gumroad Shop

Another news is after trial and error we decided to go with Gumroad for our own shop.   In the next few weeks we’ll be gradually uploading all our collections and fonts in big and small bundles.  This will give you more personalized choices when you’re deciding on what clipart you need for your project and what license. All will be crystal clear and easy.

And here is a sneak peek of what we’re up to right now

Work in progress - a watercolor fox and mushrooms
Work in progress – a watercolor fox and mushrooms

The path

Bird Watercolor on canvas

We started this journey already few decades ago as kids. It is time to share it in a new for us way.

It has a path and it led us here, so we invite you to join us and let us know where yours leads you. We keep discovering new realms every now and then.

Exploring drawing and painting for the joy of it is a spectacular experience!

Thank you for sharing ours.