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Sweet Halloween – kids clipart for the holiday

Lately we discovered there is no much kids  clipart in watercolors. Most is Adobe Illustrator made, which is not bad at all, but often lacks the warmth of a true hand painted illustration, like from a picture book 30 years ago, when there were no computer graphics. Oh, I know there are terrific illustrators out there, that work only digitally and I’m often amazed by their work. But my affection is for real watercolor, where you can’t press Ctrl + Z and fix a mistake.

We just launched the “Sweet Halloween” and I’m so excited! I still have tons to show you about the Autumn Charm and here’s a new one.

It is sweet as we wanted to get the spooky out of the game. I honestly can’t understand today’s popular culture of fear and don’t want to contribute to it. Especially when kids are concerned. I don’t like the all sugary stuff too, but it has it’s place. Fear though, shouldn’t have a place at all. May be this is a theme for another post.

Sweet! I want this now!

Sweet Halloween kids clipart
Sweet Halloween kids clipart

A girl, a bear and a fox are all too excited about Halloween and share some funny moments.

Lilly is a funny little girl, adventurous and light-hearted. Bear is silly cute creature, that dreams of walking on the walls. And last but not least, Fox is a all-time-smile little guy with a bat costume.

Check all the images. I’ll be back with a design tutorial video on how to make a Halloween Party invitation.


Sweet! I want this now!

Autumn clipart freebies and card template

We want to give you a freebie, so even if you don’t need the full autumn clipart collection right now, you can enjoy trying it out.

Add your text to the card or print and write by hand. Design your own cards or stationery using this sample or even better, get the full collection. Storm a full blown design collection of your own cards line or nursery prints, clothing or whatever your witty designers mind can come up with. Oh, and remember the Autumn Charm clipart collection is now offered with an intro price by the end of August. Hurry up and snap it in time for the season 🙂

Take and try now!

freebie sample autumn clipart
freebie sample autumn clipart

Autumn Charm clipart collection launch

We made it!
It took around a month and on average 10 hours a day, but oh, did we love it!
I think this was by far the most fun clipart collection, but hey, I say this every time 🙂

My background in picture book illustration was helpful with the characters development. I found out I miss illustrating for kids, so it might not be our only collection in this area.

My other half had hilarious time animating the hedgehog for the painting process video.

I’ll be showing you more details soon.

Have a great week!  (mine started awesome!)

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