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Snowmen and gingerbread cookies clipart

Hello there! We’ve brought some friends to meet you today. Say hi to the snowmen!

A cute bunch of silly fellows – they sing songs and eat ginger bread cookies ūüôā

This is the third and final volume of Winter Charm 2016 collection.

I want this now! Take me there!

What’s inside:

  • 51 elements:

  • ¬† 8 snowmen with variations
  • ¬† 7 snowmen heads
  • ¬† 8 pine trees
  • ¬† 10 winter leaves and branches
  • ¬† 8 gingerbread cookies
  • ¬† 5 snowflakes
  • ¬† 3 birds
  • 10 seamless patterns (JPG 12×12″) + PAT file + master tiles
  • 5 wreaths
  • 4 pre-made card templates in layered PSD format + JPG

Cheers to a fun Winter!

Now that you know what’s inside the collection, let me show you the pictures.

The Snowmen
The Snowmen
The Snowmen - watercolor clipart collection
The Snowmen – watercolor clipart collection
The Snowmen – watercolor clipart collection


The Snowmen - watercolor clipart collection
The Snowmen – watercolor clipart collection


The Snowmen - watercolor clipart collection
The Snowmen – watercolor clipart collection
The Snowmen - watercolor clipart collection - the patterns
The Snowmen – watercolor clipart collection – the patterns


I want this now! Take me there!

Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the Deer collection

Cheers to the Deer!

I want this collection!

Let me first show you the pictures ¬†ūüôā

Winter Charm - the Deer
Winter Charm – the Deer
the seamless patterns in this collection
Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the patterns
Scenes and templates
Winter Charm Vol. 1 – the scenes and templates
Winter Charm Vol.1 - the wreaths and elements
Winter Charm Vol.1 – the wreaths and elements

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 pre-made scenes with the Deer – transparent background PNG
  • 6 Deer illustrations
  • 5 Squirrel illustrations
  • 3 big wreaths
  • 1 pretzel laurel
  • 5 blue chalk snow flakes
  • 6 houses
  • 3 snowy trees
  • 3 snowy bushes
  • 3 pine trees
  • 8 branches
  • 1 cup of coco
  • 1 pretzel
  • 1 ginger cookie star
  • 1 pie
  • 1 snow field
  • 2 pre-made cards 5×7 inches with 1/4” bleed
  • 8 seamless patterns – JPG files + master tiles + PAT file

I want this collection!

We’re working on some paper crafting projects with this guy, so stay tuned for a new freebie and a tutorial.


Winter Holiday Penguin Party!

Oh, the season! And the parties! And the cuddliest penguins! Winter Holiday Penguin Party!

Wanna throw a party for the winter holidays? We got you covered, including the ice and the fish!

Introducing today our latest newest and freshest watercolor clipart collection – Penguin Party!


Watercolor clipart - Penguin Party

Join the party! Take the penguins home!

They bring their own presents (what a guests!), have a fab patterns to throw around and have the coctail ice ready, so you don”t have to worry at all!

Check them out

winter holidays clipart - Penguin Party

and the patterns…

winter holidays clipart - Penguin Party

Ok, so now you’d like to know what’s inside, I guess. Here you go:

  • – 65 High resolution 300 dpi transparent background png elements
  • ¬† ¬† – 4 single penguins and 1 illustration with 3 penguins
  • ¬† ¬† – 3 scenes with penguins
  • ¬† ¬† – 6 present boxes
  • ¬† ¬† – 9 snowflakes
  • ¬† ¬† – 10 ice cubes
  • ¬† ¬† – 14 icy branches and leaves
  • ¬† ¬† – 1 silver bead
  • ¬† ¬† – 9 fishes
  • ¬† ¬† – 6 flags
  • ¬† ¬† – 1 bunting with flags
  • ¬† ¬† – 1 bunting with hanging fishes
  • – 4 card templates – layered PSD and JPG files – 5.25×7.25” (0.25 bleed for trimming), 300 dpi
  • – 4 wreaths
  • – 1 laurel
  • – 14 digital papers 12×12” / 3600px x 3600px – jpg files
  • – 14 master tiles to make seamless patterns –¬† jpg files
  • – PAT file for Photoshop – includes all seamless patterns

Join the party! Celebrate the season!

Autumn Charm clipart collection launch

We made it!
It took around a month and on average 10 hours a day, but oh, did we love it!
I think this was by far the most fun clipart collection, but hey, I say this every time ūüôā

My background in picture book illustration was helpful with the characters development. I found out I miss illustrating for kids, so it might not be our only collection in this area.

My other half had hilarious time animating the hedgehog for the painting process video.

I’ll be showing you more details¬†soon.

Have a great week!  (mine started awesome!)

Take me there! I have to have this now!

Watercolor clipart mini flower collection just for you

Get this watercolor clipart mini flower collection with your subscription
Get this watercolor clipart mini collection with your subscription

Would you like to get this watercolor clipart mini flower collection for fr*e?  We are giving it as an instant download to every subscriber to our monthly newsletter!

It is kind of a thank you gift from us to you.


We’re now working hard to get all set for the first issue. It will include some tutorials, some ideas and some freebies, so stay tuned.

So exciting!

At the same time we’re making¬†a new collection that will hopefully be ready by mid July (see the sneak peek here)¬†¬†just in time for all the ¬†back to school preparations. ¬†Here’s another reason for you to subscribe –¬†we’ll have a sweet discount code for our subscribers!

Watercolor clipart collection – Pomegranates & Doves

Pomegranates & doves - watercolor clipart collection
Pomegranates & doves – watercolor clipart collection

I find the Watercolor clipart collection РPomegranates & Doves especially romantic.  Pomegranates remind me of hot summer days. It is a bit strange,  as here they are sold mostly in the winter months when ice and snow are ruling. Anyway, my association is with hot Summer and all the sweet summery fragrances of a ripe  fruit, nuts  and fresh herbs.

The sketches for this set were made few years ago, and have been patiently waiting for me to get in the mood to make them in watercolor. When all the watercolors were finished, I was left with the sense it’s not actually¬†complete and there is more to be added, so I’m leaving it open.

Here is a taste of the sketches in pencil and ink wash

Watercolor clipart collection - pomegranate blossom and fruit sketch
Pomegranates blossom and fruit sketch
Watercolor clipart collection -Pomegranates blossom and leaf sketch
Pomegranates blossom and leaf sketch

Herbs watercolor clipart work in progress

Herbs watercolor clipart
Herbs watercolor clipart

This herbs watercolor clipart is just a work-in-progress yet. It’s a tad overwhelming to decide which herbs to include in this clipart collection. There are at least a dozen I know, that are beautiful bloomers and amazing healers, but are local to Bulgaria and I can’t find their global twins. There is no much point of making herbs collection with herbs only used in the Balkans, right? So I’ll stick to the most popular now and maybe later expand the collection with some more exotic and at the same time popular herbs like tumeric, cinnamon and ginger.

Smell of fresh cut Basil. The soft leathery texture of the Rosemary leaves. Taste of Salvia.

This is the time I usually freeze fresh cut herbs. They are a treasury when all gets grey and the snow is no fun anymore.

Most of them, if not all, are not only tasty, but true and tested healing plants. Only if I remember this next time when I get cold!

The tiny watercolor basil and rosemary are part of a bigger project I’m working on now. They’ll become container labels for dried herbs.¬† I already did part of the lettering, but there are more herbs to paint now.

Using Schmincke watercolors, Nevskaya Palitra Kolinski brush #2 and Arches hot press (satin) paper.