What do you love?

Are you a graphic designer? A crafter? DIYer? Do you love watercolors? Are you a scrapbooker? How about some patterns? Textures? Photoshop brushes?  We believe we have some design candy for you.

We passionately make design goods of all sorts for you no matter if you are a Pro working with publishers and big clients or if you are a stay at home mom designing your own labels for the jars canned pickles or a print for the nursery. Are you just starting your kitchen table business? We are here for you with super flexible bundling and licensing.  All the watercolor clipart collections are available as one big collection or as few mini collections, where you choose the kind of licensing you need at the moment.

How to get it?

Head to our Gumroad SHOP.  If you still haven’t joined our mailing list, but would love to enjoy the subscriber discounts and freebies, you can do it here.

What License?

We offer two tiers of licensing – for personal and micro biz use and commercial use.

What is the difference?

The personal and micro biz use give you license to use our products for your personal non-profit projects and for your micro biz for profit. The micro biz for profit use is limited to 500 print count, which means that if you make cards and use a clipart from our collection in the card design, you have to upgrade to a commercial license once you reach the count of 500 printed copies. If you are using for example one image on many products, the count of all must fall under 500 to benefit from the micro biz license.

Please don’t forget to give credit for the artwork ” Artwork by WatercolorNomads.com” 

Examples for personal use: greeting cards, labels, scrapbooking, home decor, prints, invitations and party decor, personal blog or website, social media profiles etc.

No matter what license you have, the sharing or reselling  of our products are prohibited. Please keep in mind there are real people behind all the work that brought these to live. 

The commercial license allows for no credit and no print count limit use.  Keep the receipts for your purchases in a folder with the product. The receipt is your license proof. If a separate document is required just contact us with the details and we’ll issue one for you.

Photoshop and Illustrator brushes, fonts and textures are considered tools and do not require commercial license. 



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